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The characteristics of flat gate valve

1, the seat seal structure should be elastic with preload, upper and lower seal seat at the same time sealed structure. Seat and seal between the face is always sealed.

2, the valve seat has a self-cleaning function, and in the valve open or closed process from the direct erosion of the airflow. The valve seat should be made of lubricated and not worn.

3, the valve actuator failure will not affect the other parts of the valve, maintenance and replacement work can not remove the case of the valve.

4, the valve body has two kinds of casting and welding structure.

5, the valve seat with O-ring seal and the application of preload tight floating seat structure, so that the valve inlet and outlet two-way seal; and the structure of the opening and closing torque is only ordinary valve 1/2, can easily open, valve.

6, metal-to-metal sealed valve, the valve body with a grease structure, grease through the grease device, the valve seat into the valve sealing surface, the valve to zero leakage.

7, the valve seat with a sealing surface inlaid PTFE, PTFE with metal and metal pairs of metal double seal, PTFE sealing surface at the same time remove the role of the gate dirt.

8, gate, seat by a special process, spray welding carbide, wear-resistant PTFE, to achieve double seal. And can be grease-assisted seal double protection, sealing more reliable, longer life.

9, with a diversion valve gate valve, whether it is fully open or fully closed with the sealing surface is always consistent with the sealing surface is protected from direct erosion of the media, thereby extending the service life.

10, the valve is fully open, the channel is smooth for the straight line, flow resistance coefficient is very small, no pressure loss, can pass hair ball sweep pipeline.

11, the valve with self-sealing capacity of the packing structure, without regular adjustment, open and close very light, and the sealing is reliable, stuffing box with auxiliary sealing grease injection structure, sealing performance is absolutely reliable, and truly zero leakage; The general valve filler at the most vulnerable to leakage of the ills.

12, when the valve is closed automatically remove the cavity pressure (see the working principle diagram), to ensure the use of safety.

13, fully enclosed structure, good protection, can be adapted to all-weather requirements.

14, the valve is equipped with a pointer or observation window to indicate the opening and closing of the valve.