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The advantages and disadvantages of the valve

Advantages of the gate valve:

(1) fluid resistance is small because the gate valve body internal media channel is through, the media flow through the gate valve does not change its flow direction, so the fluid resistance is small.

(2) opening and closing torque is small, open and close more effort because the gate valve opening and closing when the direction of movement of the gate and the media flow direction is perpendicular to the valve compared with the opening and closing of the valve.

(3) medium flow direction is not restricted, no spoiler, do not reduce the pressure medium can flow from any side of the valve on both sides, can achieve the purpose of the use of more suitable for the flow direction of the medium may change the pipeline.

(4) structure length is short because the gate valve is placed vertically in the valve body, and cut-off valve disc is placed in the valve body, and thus the structure length shorter than the cut-off valve.

(5) sealing performance is fully open when the sealing surface is less erosion.

(6) fully open, the sealing surface by the working medium erosion than the cut-off valve.

(7) shape is relatively simple, casting process is better, wide range of applications.

Gate valve shortcomings:

(1) Sealing surface is easy to damage

Open and closed when the gate and the valve seat in contact with the two seals between the relative friction, easy to damage, affecting the seal with the service life, maintenance more difficult.

(2) opening and closing time is long, high degree

As the gate valve opening and closing to be fully open or fully closed, the gate stroke is large, open with a certain space, high size, the installation of the larger space.

(3) complex structure

Gate valve generally have two sealing surface, to the processing, grinding and maintenance to increase some of the more difficult parts, manufacturing and maintenance more difficult, cost higher than the closure valve.