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Gate valve application conditions and operation

1. Gate valves are normally used for open-closed applications and can not be used for throttling applications.

2. Gate valve is usually installed in the horizontal pipe, stem vertical upward. Can also be installed in the vertical pipe or stem is not vertically upward on the horizontal pipe, but according to the size of the valve diameter, the application of the environment and the specific circumstances of the material may require a special structure. If the purchase of the valve ready to use a special installation, then the order should be described when the valve orientation.

3. For applications where the temperature exceeds 260 ° C, a flexible or split wedge is recommended to prevent the wedge from being stuck due to thermal expansion. This condition may occur when the valve is cold closed and then hot open.

4. When used for high-speed fluid (turbulent) or thermal cycling applications, the threaded seat ring should be locked to the valve body in order to avoid loosening. Please specify when ordering.

5. After closing the gate valve, the stem should be slightly rotated (1/8 to 1/4 turn) to release the stem load. This allows the valve stem to expand slightly, does not jam or damage the valve, and does not affect the closing effect.

6. If the seat ring is removed from the seat ring, the height integral valve can be used in hot water outlets or piping systems with soft iron. Please specify when ordering.

7. The use of the pump station is not subject to site restrictions, more water debris, easy to plug the important position of the valve, can be used flashlight dual-use valve; the other can be used butterfly valve, especially in the pump room renovation project can be used butterfly valve in order to effectively use The original pump room space, to achieve the original pump room area under the premise of increasing the (row) the purpose of water.